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I help people reintegrate into society and create success.

Content creator. Freelance writer. Ghostwriter. Real estate investor. Discipline coach. Fitness addict.  Podcast host. Podcast guest. Lifelong learner.

“If it doesn’t instill fear, it is beneath your true potential.”

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About Jason Peterson

Founder and CEO of Feed Off Fear

I truly believe my mission on Earth is to help people live to their full potential

My story starts like many others. Confused boy, raised by a single mother. No male role models. A whole lot of bad choices.

After an early discharge from the Marine Corps and an eight year prison sentence, I made the decision to take accountability for my life and success soon followed.

I help people reintegrate into society. I have dedicated my life to studying dynamic humans who have unlocked peak performance to find success. I will share what I’ve learned here.  


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