About Me

My Story

I am a freelance writer, content creator, and discipline coach. As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with putting words to work. My passion is writing, and there is nothing more satisfying than inspiring others. Mindset work and self improvement have played a huge part in my success and overall happiness. I desperately want to help others achieve this too. 

When I’m not reading or writing, I’m most likely challenging my body, forcing it to grow stronger. Discipline is paramount and the body will go where the mind forces it. 

I am an avid real estate investor who literally built a cash flowing portfolio from nothing, and I love to share how I did it so you can too.

My Mission

My mission is provide inspiring content to change lives. Mindset is key and your identity is downstream of the media you consume. Make it count. 

My goal is to motivate and educate so you will take action. Discipline and mindset are the building blocks of a successful life, and I owe everything I have to shifting my thoughts and living in a state of gratitude.

The pull-up is the ultimate test of true strength.